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Business partner

Flores Today Tour has partnered with all tourism business institutions such as hotels, home stay, restaurants, transportation service managers, customary institutions throughout the mainland of Flores, NTT. We hope your trips will really satisfy and please you.

Booking procedure

Once you have determined which package is best for you and then sends an email to us, we will process it within two days at the latest. In a reply email, we will detail your travel schedule in detail. If any information or planning does not meet your expectations, we hope you send us a reply soon so we can arrange your trips as you expect.


After agreeing with the information and travel arrangements we propose, you are welcome to pay a deposit of 40% of the total package price to our account number. The remaining payment is paid after you arrive at Labuan Bajo City. If you prefer full payment before it arrives in Labuan Bajo or in other words you do not want to bring cash with you, the payment must be done no later than 15 days before you start your tour arrangement in Flores.

Cancellation and Refund

Any change or cancellation must be submitted no later than 1 (one) week before your arrival date. Flores Today Tour will refund 40% deposit to you in case of cancellation concerning serious case like war raging, prohibition from WHO or NKRI government related to disease outbreak, or situation of politics not conducive.

Confirmation & Invoice

We will send confirmation and invoice slip by e-mail or facsimile if you have made the reservation process. Other useful documents for your trip will be provided the next time you arrive and start your journey.


The hotel accommodation will be processed during the tour if the hotel on the Flores Today Tour list does not have room availability. The contacted hotel will be endeavored to have the same standards as the hotel on the Flores Today Tour list.

Travel Documents

Every tourist is required to bring travel documents such as visas and passports (for overseas travelers), Identity Card (KTP) for Indonesian citizens and other documents related to your journey.


Most communication will be done via email. Therefore, make sure your email is working properly even if it is not possible to communicate via phone, HP or whatsapp.

Best regards,

PT. Flores Today Indonesia


Rudi SM


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