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RRI Bahari 03 speedboat

RRI Bahari 03 speedboat is design with its luxuriousness. Complete with the air conditioner and comfortable sofa seated, it make you feel that you are having a holiday on your own home. During the trip you still can choose,whether you want to stay on the nice cold room inside the boat, or you want to feel the fresh air outside. Supported with high quality of machine "Suzuki" we can bring you faster to arrive on the top popular destination in Labuan Bajo. The capable captain and friendly crew will complete your journey. They handle with care and safety, and it's one of our most priorities. So, we are sure that you will have a wonderful experience with us.. 
Let's go with us,
Explore the beauty of Flores..


RRI Bahari's speedboat is the right choice to visit various interesting attractions around Labuan Bajo, such as to Komodo Island including:

  • - Komodo island
  • - Padar Island
  • - Bidadari Beach
  • - Kanawa Island
  • - Taka Makassar
  • - Rangko Cave
  • - Rinca Island
  • - Pink Beach
  • - Manta Point
  • - Kalong Island
  • - Kelor Island
  • - Bird Island

For those of you who consider a lot of comfort, satisfaction and do not want to be disturbed and joined by strangers. Therefore we made this speedboat with 6 people, although if needed it can carry up to 10 tourists. The size of the speedboat is 2.8 x 10 meters, in 0.9 meters, Fiber Glass material and uses 2 Suzuki brand machines with a 4 stroke speed which has an engine power of 2 x 150 Hp

Safety in a tourist cruise with us is an important concern. Therefore, in every voyage that we do will be equipped with:

  • - First aid kit
  • - Ring buoy
  • - Safety life Jacket
  • - Fire extinguishers
  • - Sea Depth Gauge
  • - Radio Marine
  • - Kompas

Perfecting our special services, you will get:

  • - Fresh Towels upon arrival on the boatg.
  • - Safety Life jacket
  • - Snack
  • - Fruits
  • - Mineral waters
  • - Pool towels
  • - Snorkeling equipment

What is not included in the package are:

  • - Ticket entry for tourist attractions.
  • - Tour Guide or tour guide.
  • - Lunch.
  • - Shuttle transportation to the port.

Travel expenses

Usually the trip starts in the morning and will end at 5pm in the afternoon. For the tour trip from morning to evening this is calculated to be one day  charter at cost of IDR  8,000,000  for 1-6 adults.

If there are passengers 7th to 10 will be charged an additional fee of IDR 1,000,000 per person.

Thank You

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