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Wherever your destination of traveling, whether is in the center ity Labuan Bajo and its surroundings or to other interesting places on the island of Flores, Flores Today Taxi, with private services, will give you secure and comfortable feels during the trip.

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Waerebo is a unique and distinctive village in Manggarai, West Flores which is located 1,100 above sea level. Its uniqueness, first and foremost, is a traditional traditional house that has an architectural value filled with the philosophy of life. In addition, the strong customs and emotional relationships between humans and nature also provide value for this traditional village.

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On this expedition, Flores Today Tour will invite you to explore alternative tour of Labuan Bajo besides marine tourism.With natural conditions close to the hills or highlands, Labuan Bajo also has a cool place that can be the main tourist attraction around the Mbeliling Forest, one of them is CuncaWulang.

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